Friday, December 24, 2004

Take Your Momma Out

As a enjoyable coda to a week of final exams, I went to the Scissor Sisters show at Hammerstein on Sunday, Dec. 19. I had actually bought the tickets month ago without having anyone in particular in mind to take. As it turned out, I went with my friend Danielle -- and what a smart move that was!

First off, what with stress, lack of sleep, and a number of intoxicants, I forgot the concert was on Sunday in the first place. (Hell, I forgot what day it was altogether!) Danielle called me Sunday afternoon to ask what time we should meet up. Now, I should preface this by saying Dani comes over to hang out all the time (god love her), so it was not usual for her to just call and ask what time she should come over. "I'm exhausted," I said. "I'm gonna take a nap but why don't come by around 8:30?. "Doesn't the concert start at 6:30?!" she replied. "Huh? what concert?" yadda yadda yadda... explanations...revelations...and I figured out what was going on.

Now, I had stayed up until 5am for the past two nights in a row, so I wasn't really up for a big concert, especially one where I'd feel obligated to be fagulous. Our friend Sam was supposed to be going, but his ticket fell through, so I thought about offering him my ticket instead. Dani and I went back and forth, each of us not sure if we should go, each telling the other they should "definitely go." Mustering up some resolve, we reaffirmed our decision to go to the Scissor Sisters show.

There was a whole drama with getting there which I won't bore you with, but we ended up getting into the Hammerstein Ballroom...sorry, the Manhattan 7:30pm. Ironically the opening band hadn't even gone on yet. There was time to get some drinks, hit the enoooooormously long coat check line and find Sam. Once DJ Sammy started spinning his magic music, the wait didnt seem to matter. In fact, I recall saying I'd pay $30 just to listen to this kind of music. Donna Summer, the Cure, Missy Elliot...Why is it so hard to find good dance music in NYC? Everyone always says that, so there must be an audience for it. I guess the kind of people who really put on good dance nights are all about being creative and not organized, so the nights soon fall about.

Anyway, I know there was a really long wait before the opening band, VHS or Beta, and between them and the Sisters, but it all slipped away like a wisp of smoke once the main event started. (Which is odd, because I usually hold onto resentments like U.S. savings bonds.) I'm actually not going to talk about the show, because I just want to enjoy the memory. Besides, Danielle does a much better job anyway. (She did, however, neglect to mention they did an awesome Kurt Weill-like rendition of Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out.")

I will say that the best part of the whole experience was being surrounded by friends, listening to awesome rock music and knowing every song. With recent political events, it's easy to forget your not a freak. The concert was just the reminder I needed. As Ana Matronic mentioned during one of her frequent asides. "You have at least one thing in common with everyone in this room."

Happy holidays, one and all.



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