Friday, December 10, 2004

We Don't Need No Education

Not only is homophobia alive and well in our nation's classrooms, but it appears logic and basic freedom of speech are on their deathbed.

A second-grader in Louisiana was punished for saying the word word "gay" at school when another student asked why he had two mothers. Eight-year-old Marcus McLaurin explained it was because his mother was a gay. The other child asked what that meant and Marcus replied, "Gay is when a girl likes another girl." Overhearing the exchange, teacher Terry Bethea sent Marcus to the principal's office.

In a written "confession" that was put in his discipline file and sent home to his mother, McLaurin wrote, "I sed bad wurds lineing up fur riyces [recess]." When asked what he should have done, Marcus wryly wrote "Cep my mouf shut."

Perhaps Marcus' teacher should have been more concerned with his spelling and grammar than his conversation topics.

American Constitution Society for Law and Policy


At 4:46 PM, Blogger Rob said...

Hey man that is crazy and rediculous. Thanks for posting it, thats messed up. I will try to tell people about this because it is stupid and terrible.


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