Wednesday, December 08, 2004

From Flab to Fab

I just did an interview with Mario Lavandeira, a 26-year old writer/editor from Los Angeles who's going to be on VH1's "From Flab to Fab" on Monday, Dec. 13, at 11:30am. Due to size constraints, the interview had to be edited down for the magazine, but here is the uncut, unedited version:

Super Mario
Mario Lavandeira weighs in on "From Flab to Fab"

Mario Lavandeira knew he had to do something about his growing waistline. But instead of Atkins or lipo, the 206lb Los Angelino signed up to star in VH1's reality weight-loss show "From Flab to Fab." Mario and two other hefty homos followed a rigorous three-month exercise plan based on Madonna's fitness regimen (and you know Esther doesn't mess around). The workouts were arduous and the sacrifices were great, but Mario is thrilled with his new rockin' bod. (The $500 clothing allowance was pretty fierce, too.)

Dan Avery : What’s your background?

Mario Lavandeira: I’m the editor of Page Six Six, which I affectionately refer to as "all the news, gossip and satire that’s unfit to print (anywhere else)." I also whore myself out as a freelance writer for a bunch of publications, like HX (where I wrote a piece on electro pop goddess Miss Kittin a few months back) and Cybersocket (where I recently wrote an article about some of my favorite New Yorkers, including the Glamazons and the Dazzle Dancers).

Read the full interview here


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