Friday, December 10, 2004

One Hot Fuss

Junk magazine has a great piece explaining the gay high school crush storyline weaving through The Killers' awesome debut, Hot Fuss.

The key to the puzzle, without a doubt, is “Andy, You’re a Star.” The most transparent of the songs on the album, our narrator pines for the seemingly untouchable (and attached) high school jock. On the field he’s incredible and he’s leaving his legacy on the school, but he’s also rolling around on the mats with the boys with more fervor than wrestling demands. The narrator says, explicitly, "In a car with a girl/promise me she’s not your world/'cause Andy, you’re a star." Sure, it could be a platonic envy or admiration of a smalltown boy with a too-big-for-his-britches star quality, but the town isn’t admiring him; they’re judging him -- and the verdict is in. We suspect Andy likes boys. And our narrator likes Andy.
Junk, by the by, is a great online zine from Brad Walsh and some of his Oberlin friends. It's a site for girls and boys who like boys (and open-minded boys who like girls), dedicated to stories "that make you laugh, make you think, and keep you interested." There are also lots of nice pictures of cute boys on it but, like the man once said, I read it for the articles.


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