Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tuned In: Friday, December 12


Battlestar Galactica gets gay, but only in cyberspace.

By Dan Avery

Sci-fi fans have been clamoring for queer storylines since Mr. Spock first arched his eyebrow at a shirtless Captain Kirk. Well, they may have to wait a while to see same-sex shenanigans on the Enterprise, but at least one interstellar franchise is boldly going gay. A new batch of Battlestar Galactica webisodes, debuting December 12 on, will include a makeout scene between Lt. Felix Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani, pictured) and communications officer Hoshi (Brad Dryborough). Set between seasons 4 and 4.5, “The Face of the Enemy,” sees Gaeta trapped on a Raptor with a group of strangers when someone dies suspiciously. The web-only episode has me bummed for two reasons: First, why is the gay love relegated to the Internet? And secondly, one of those spit-swappin’ space jockeys should’ve been Jamie Bamber! Galactica returns for its fourth and final season Friday, January 16, at 10pm.

Dude Awakening
Love those flirtatious but sexually frustrating relationships between guys on reality shows? Then be sure to check out Bromance, debuting December 29 on MTV. Following a similar arc as Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, the six-part shows features a gaggle of (presumably) straight boys trying to make time with Hills star Brody Jenner and land a spot in his entourage (y’know, to fill the void left by oh-so-hetero Spencer Pratt). To win, the bros have to survive a series of challenges, like pummeling paparazzi, skydiving into Las Vegas, and chatting up the ugly friend so Jenner can make time with the hottie. During the solemn hot tub elimination ceremony, the ousted bro must slink away from the Jacuzzi in nothing but his Speedo. Did I mention Ryan Seacrest is producing?


Saturday, December 13
The Graham Norton Show (10pm, BBC America): Grammy winner Barry Manilow performs.

Sunday, December 14
Survivor: The Reunion (10pm, CBS): After the two-hour finale, relive the magic of Marcus and Charlie’s bromance.

Monday, December 15
In The Life (10:30pm, WNET 13): “AIDS is Still a Big Deal” addresses issues surrounding the pandemic and the people who continue to fight it.

Tuesday, December 16
Rick & Steve (10pm, Logo): In San Fran for Pride weekend, the gang discovers the city’s secret straight underbelly.

Wednesday, December 17
Guys and Balls (10pm, here!): A young German (pictured) forms a gay soccer squad to challenge his old teammates.

Thursday, December 18
Ugly Betty (8pm, ABC): Things heat up between Hilda and Coach Diaz (Eddie Cibrian).

Friday, December 19
Capote (2pm, Sundance): Philip Seymour Hoffman channels charismatic author Truman Capote in this riveting biopic.

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