Friday, September 08, 2006

Rapper's Delight

Fight for your right to get marinated tofu, gala apples and a half-gallon of soy milk

I saw Adam Yauch (alias MCA of the Beastie Boys) last night at the Whole Foods on Seventh Avenue. I was at the front of the line waiting for my number to come up (I know its more efficient, but their system makes you feel like a thoroughbred at Belmont Stakes). He was with an attractive Asian woman and a young child. IMDB says he's married to Tibetan activist Dechen Wangdu and that they a daughter named Tenzin, so I guess it was them. He looked ok--kinda scruffy and washed out, but I've see worse looking 42-year-olds.

No one else seemed to notice him, and I wondered if that was because my fellow patrons were overwhelmed by all the food porn or because 35-year-old gay men and yuppy chicks dont really know who the Beasties are.

Ironically, he had the same exact express on his face that Moby did when i saw him at the same store about six months ago. That sort of "God, I hope no one's looking at me. Why arent they looking at me looking like i don't want them looking at me?" expression. I have to say, it was NOT very Buddhist.


At 8:50 AM, Blogger COCO said...

I like your story, whole Foods and the Beastie Boys too.
Im not a Nyker but ive been to a wfoods there(dont remember which one) and you're right its designed for urban animals.


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