Friday, July 21, 2006

Cruise (out of) Control

This whole Suri Cruise obsession the media has is creeping me out. Sure it's kind of odd Tom and Katie haven't pimped out their newborn the way they shilled their courtship and pregnancy, but DAMN, the press is acting like the kid is the Second Coming--or something more sinister (see image above).

The wire services even ran a story about Leah Remini, "King of Queens" star and a fellow Scientologist, saying she's seen Suri. I saw my cousin's baby--is that front page news?
"She's a beaming baby," the 36-year-old actress tells People magazine in its July 31 issue. "She looks like Tom and Katie, she's just beautiful." Remini says she held Suri during a recent visit to the couple's home in Los Angeles.

Cruise and Holmes are "just great parents," Remini added. "There wasn't a second she was out of their arms except when I held her."

Um, I don't know what baby books Remini is reading, but holding your child every second is not good parenting. Its borderline psychotic behavior.


At 10:34 AM, Blogger sam the subversive said...

You know what's also borderline (over the borderline) psychotic? Scientology...


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