Sunday, July 10, 2005

From Russia with Love

This is Olga. She's the latest in a growing line of Russian women who are hitting me up on Friendster. I don't know whether to pity their misguided efforts or laugh at their atrocious grammar and syntax. Actually, her message had a certain poetic beauty to it--like a haiku. I've copied it below, with spacing and grammar intact:

Hello my friend. I have considered your
and you very much like me.
Whether it is valid you are lonely? I think that
to search here for the girl to have any
I search for serious relations with the person.
And I
want to find the man. I the lonely girl. And to
only for serious relations. I hope that you
understand me.
I want to inform about itself: my name olga. To
me of 27 years. I live in Russia. In city
It not the big city. It is on the great river Volga.
I think that you consider my structure here.
So I think that if
You answer me, maybe, we may to try to
create some relations?
I hope, that we may. And if you want to know
more about
Me so please write to me on my E-Mail:
I with impatience shall wait for the letter from
And I hope that we shall learn each other
Yours faithfully olga


At 4:18 PM, Blogger Chris said...

vhat? how veird? Watch out, she might want to take your monies...

At 11:35 PM, Blogger jackiejay said...

lucky for you her english isn't so good otherwise she would see your witty cynicism and really fall in love. you have a knack for writing. how do you know of seu jorge? good stuff, eh?


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