Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Blogs of my NYU Classmates

I recently sent out an e-mail to my classmates in the NYU journalism program, asking them to send me links to their blogs with descriptions. While I'm not one of those Chicken Littles who think blogging is going to replace traditional news reporting, I think it can add an interesting dimension to journalism. Plus, its nice to know somebody might be reading my verbal musings. Here's the list so far:

Big Words
Dan Avery
Scathing wit on current events, arts and entertainment and what I laughingly call my life

When Tara Met Blog
Tara Settembre
Girl-blog where I talk about the city, Broadway, cupcakes, my loud upstairs neighbor and how I keep losing my cell phone

Like It Because I Do
Sarah Wulfeck
General interest, random venting and the occasional radical social commentary

Studious in the City
Anuja Madar
My take on NYC

La Gazette New-Yorkaise
Camille Legall
Life in Le Grande Pomme (en Francais)

After the Flood
Hally Chu
Class notes, glimpses from real life and links to news that I find interesting

Ming-I Lisa Liu
Ming-I Lisa Liu
General interest with particular emphasis on the craft of journalism

Kisses from the Confederacy
Pete Hamby
Mostly media analysis, some reporting on issues that are flying under the radar and some lame humor

Free World Now
Maria Sliwa
A blog on the recent events in Sudan

Beer and Loathing in NYC
Margaret Bristol
It's pretty much about whatever I was thinking or feel like ranting about

Theory B
Business & Economics Reporting Group at NYU
Alternate views on business and economics

Rolling Bones
Rick Harrison
"All of the true things I'm about to tell you are shameless lies."

Liners, Sliders and Scoops
Joseph Checkler
A blog about all things baseball

His Gal Friday
Nicole Pesce
Misadventures in reporting, rugby and life in New York City

Anju's Blog
Anju Mary Paul
A set of ramblings about everyday life, my travel writings, poems and favourite haunts in New York


At 10:04 PM, Blogger Nicole Lyn Pesce said...

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At 5:24 PM, Blogger TaraMetBlog said...

yay, thanks for doing this Dan, I'll have to link to this direct post :)



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